MLS Salary Cap Explained

20/01/17 | Kristan Heneage and Joe Devine explain Major League Soccer’s salary cap, the reasons for its existence, and the arguments for and against.

The TFO Show – Episode 5

20/01/17 | The TFO Show is back, join Adam Charles and the Pundits who provide a fans eye view on football’s hottest topics this week.

10 Footballing Pioneers

20/01/17 | Here are the moments that changed Football forever the football firsts that pioneered & inspired millions.

Top 5 Most Political Clubs

18/01/17 | Politics and football are inextricably linked, but which clubs hold the biggest political affiliations? Here is Kick’s Top 5.

FilthyFellas S3 E20

18/01/17 | Paul Pogba Day at Old Trafford, Spurs Second, Dimitri Payet Quits and more.

Stoke City Finances Explained

13/01/17 | uMAXit take a look at Stoke City’s finances for the 15/16 season, and critique their progress since the club gained promotion in 08.